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The Writing Center helps students at any level or ability to improve all aspects of their writing. We offer guidance at any stage of your project — from brainstorming ideas, organizing thoughts, and developing arguments to explaining concepts. We'll also help you become a better proofreader and editor of your own work.

The Writing Center typically provides help with writing assignments for various classes, personal writing, job or scholarship applications, and many other projects.


2080 Cedar Hall

319-398-5899 ext. 5841

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Room 052, Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa in Coralville


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Unable to visit a Writing Center in person? The Center for Online Writing can help!

COW 2024 Summer Hours: May 20 - August 12.

Submit your paper to Kirkwood's Communications, English & Media department. Submissions go to a queue and a department faculty member will respond to it within 48 hours (Monday – Friday). After you submit your work, this message will appear: Success! Your paper has been submitted to the queue.

You may submit your paper anytime. A faculty member will respond within 48-hours during the academic week: Monday through Friday. Please allow 72 hours to receive a response for a submission sent after 4 p.m. on Friday.

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We will help you identify patterns of errors (such as fragments) and learn how to fix them. We will give advice on how to add details or improve flow. We can assist in making your opening catchier or tighter, and we can help with your paper's focus, thesis, or paragraphing. However, because our primary goal is educational, we do not proofread papers, correct APA or MLA style, or fix spelling errors. Doing so might make us better editors, but it would not help you improve your writing. Our mission is to help you learn.


Other Criteria

  • Is the purpose of the paper clear and accomplished?
  • Is the topic fully covered enough to satisfy my reader?
  • Where might readers be confused or want more information?
  • Did I explain my subject enough? Should I include more information?
  • Does the paper exhibit a purposeful plan and maintain its focus?
  • Do any errors interfere with the paper's message?
  • Are sources documented? Get MLA and APA citing help.
  • Does the introduction grab reader's attention and establish a clear purpose?
  • How could the paper support its argument further?
  • My conclusion seems weak. What would make it stronger?
  • All my sentences seem to sound the same. Any advice?

Our Mission:

Our goal is to provide quality feedback for students taking courses at any Kirkwood location (including online) and for students from every discipline.

Writing Center faculty are full and part-time instructors at the college who are committed to meeting the needs of Kirkwood Community College's varied and broad student population. We embrace the Kirkwood Community College commitment to lifelong learning and welcome the opportunity to help you become a more confident and competent writer.